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      • Ensure your house is clean and tidy.
      • Think about hiring furniture or employing the talents of an interior designer. Your agent should be able to help you here.
      • Make sure all doors work well (handles turn and lock smoothly, and doors don’t jam).
      • Open curtains to allow as much light in as possible.
      • Remove clutter.
      • Use a plug in air freshener when possible.


      • Replace all cracked or broken glass.
      • Make sure all gates work well (handles turn and lock smoothly, and doors don’t jam).
      • Remove leaves and sticks from gutters.
      • Replace broken fences or missing palings.
      • Mow the lawns and maintain the garden and edges when necessary.


      • Try to be out of the house when buyers inspect as they will feel more comfortable.
      • Make sure the house is a comfortable temperature.
      • Brew some coffee before each inspection (freshly ground is best) the aroma creates pleasant associations for buyers.
      • Ensure your agent knows what makes your house a home – explain why it has that special ‘feel’ for you, point out its highlights. This will help the photographer create advertising materials that really capture the feeling of the home.
      • If you are unable to do these things yourself, Our Agents are more than happy to provide a handyman at a discounted rate.